Official Starters

Each year the parade committee selects a local person that embodies the heart, spirit, and openness of the Christmas season and gives them the honor of beginning the annual celebration by blowing the whistle that begins a celebration of true joy. Though normally an elementary school child, the committee recognizes that very select, special individuals remain a child of wonder throughout their entire life and have the unique ability to possess within their being the very reason we celebrate this magnificent time of year. To honor that special spirit, the committee bestows upon them the title of Official Parade Starter.

Here is a list of the past Official Parade Starters:

       2022    Lila and Ollie Adams, Owensboro Catholic K-3 Campus

2019     Isabella Paige Watts, Audubon Elementary School

2018     Reese Boswell, Meadow Lands Elementary School

2017     Peyton Penrod, Owensboro Middle School

2016     Ella, Aiden, and Reese Johnston

2015     Myla Dennis, Maximilian Montessori Academy

2014     Samantha Phillips, Daviess County Middle School

2012     Butch Freels, Wendall Foster Campus

2011     Caroline Boarman, Southern Oaks Elementary School

2010     Boston Parisi, Maximilian Montessori Academy

2009     Kayla Mattingly, Majesty Academy

2008     Matthew Caldwell, Owensboro Catholic 4-6 Center

2007     Will Sims, Sorgho Elementary School

2006     Kylasa Martindale, Cravens Elementary School

2005     Kayelyn Kuphal, Highland Elementary School

2004     Tre Coates, Audubon Elementary School

2003     Krystyn Church & Kiefer Church, South Hancock County Elementary School

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