It takes two things to make a great parade: spectators and participants.  Which will you choose.  Either way, we’re excited to have you join us this year and we’re even more excited about the possibilities.

You see, no one knows what is in the parade until parade day!  Sure, we know there will be marching bands, but what music will they play?  There will be beauty queens, but how will they wave? What will they be dressed in?  There will be floats–lots of floats, but how well will they be decorated.

How zany will the Shriner Clowns be this time around?  Will Mr. Self bring his Calliope?

Santa always arrives in style.  What will Santa be riding on this year?  His float is always magnificent, but will he out do himself this year?

No one can answer these questions until parade day!

Will you be a entry in the parade?  Or will you be a vendor?

Spectators always welcome!